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Pliegos Tipo Project, one step away from being law

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Bogotá D.C.
18 Jun 2020

With 102 votes in favor and 1 against, the plenary session of the Senate of the Republic approved
the reconciliation of the Type Sheet project, as a mechanism to combat corruption in public
procurement processes.

"This bill guarantees that the hiring is governed by the principles of objective and transparent
selection and not by the so-called tailor specifications or those contracts tailored to a particular
contractor or person. In addition to increasing transparency, the effect it causes is that there will
be a greater number of bidders who will enjoy equal conditions”, stated the Minister of the
Interior, Alicia Arango Olmos.

Pliegos Tipo have general characteristics of what is wanted, but it is flexible and adaptable to the
economic and social realities of the different regions. "Technical, economic factors and enabling
requirements are taken into account according to each type of selection, nature, amount and
territorial realities," said the head of the political portfolio.

The project does not limit the administrative autonomy of mayors and governors. On the contrary,
it generates a guarantee to contract with greater credibility, acceptance or support for projects.
The reconciliation of the bill must now be approved by the plenary of the House of
Representatives, before moving on to the presidential sanction.

With this approval, the Government is advancing in its fight against the scourge of corruption.

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