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National Government and National Registrar postpone Youth Council elections until 2021

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Bogotá D.C.
08 May 2020

The decision is made according to the will of the young people who demand the opening of new democratic spaces and the need to protect health.

The National Government and the National Registrar of Civil Status, Alexander Vega Rocha, announced the postponement of the elections of the Municipal, Local and District Youth Councils until March 7, 2021.

This determination responds to the will of youth and youth organizations that demand the opening of new democratic spaces and considers the need to protect the health of those who will participate in these elections.

“Notwithstanding the modification of the electoral calendar, the entity will continue to carry out the activities of support, promotion, dissemination and training typical of the aforementioned democratic process in coordination with the authorities of the national, departmental, district, municipal and local order, in order to successfully advance this election exercise ”, concluded the National Registrar.

For her part, the Minister of the Interior, Alicia Arango Olmos, stressed that there will be more time for the pedagogy of the actors in the process and assured that "it is a very important moment, an opportunity for young people and for Colombia to have new people in politics " Likewise, it invited this sector of the population to participate in the process. “I invite all young people to sign up. Let's make these elections a party for democracy, "said Arango.

The Minister and the National Registrar stated that in 2021 young people between 14 and 28 years of age will have the opportunity to directly choose the Youth Councilors, elections that are held for the first time in the country.

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