“My commitment to you is the presentation of the Draft Law of Regions” MinInterior

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Alejandra Parra
Bogotá D.C.
31 Jul 2017
  • In a dialogue with the governors, Interior Minister Guillermo Rivera reiterated the importance of decentralization and territorial autonomy.

The Minister Guillermo Rivera told the governors that this Project of law has been worked under the leadership of the Atlantic governor, Eduardo Verano de la Rosa, and its main objective is to create an administrative region to achieve decentralization.

“I agree with you that we have a debt to decentralization and territorial autonomy. If we do not take the step towards greater autonomy, it will be more difficult for the national government to solve territorial problems”, said Rivera

The Minister announced that the Government are in "barracks" working on initiatives related to prior consultations, which will be brought to the Congress of the Republic.

He also noted the importance of working on a security and civic coexistence policy "beyond the conventional, that has a real impact on the departments."  

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