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The Mixed Commission between the National Government and the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca, CRIC, is advancing in Cauca

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Popayán (Cauca)
24 Jul 2020

The Minister of the Interior, Alicia Arango Olmos, heads the high-level delegation of the National Government that is part of the eighth session of the Mixed Commission with the Cauca Regional Indigenous Council, CRIC. In this dialogue space, the action plan is monitored to find solutions to the needs of the communities. During the installation, the head of the political portfolio reiterated "the firm commitment of our President Iván Duque and this Government, to advance in the fulfillment of the agreements that we acquired within the framework of the Minga del Suroccidente del Cauca."

Likewise, Arango Olmos recognized the participation of representatives of communities and indigenous authorities in this space for dialogue, taking into account the difficult conditions experienced by the pandemic.

"Their participation is proof of the commitment and dedication for our indigenous communities and their good living within the framework of their cultural identity and their safeguarding," said the Minister of the Interior.

On the other hand, Arango Olmos was emphatic when pointing out that "the indigenous people are Colombia and together we are a team that works for the country. I want you to know that this Government respects the indigenous community and that we have been advancing every day with issues such as for example, direct contracting. "

The high-level delegation included the Minister of Education, María Victoria Angulo; the Minister of Agriculture, Rodolfo Zea; the director of National Planning, Luis Alberto Rodríguez; the Vice Minister of Health, María Andrea Godoy, the Vice Minister of Housing, the director of DANE, Juan Daniel Oviedo; director of the Disaster Risk Management Unit, Eduardo José González; UNP director Alfonso Campo and delegates from the National Land Agency.

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