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Ministry of Interior will strengthen the National Commission of Indigenous Women

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Bogotá D.C.
05 Sep 2019

To advance the processes of consultation to strengthen the National Commission of Indigenous Women, as a space for dialogue and promotion of rights, was the commitment acquired by the Vice Minister for Participation and Equal Rights, Juan Carlos Soler, during the Commemoration of the International Day of the Indigenous Woman. Vice Minister Soler explained that, in meetings to be held in October, the proposals of indigenous women will be heard in order to arrange the strengthening methodology. In turn, he gave indigenous women a diploma in which he exalts his contribution to the country, as a special recognition of the political and resistance work carried out by indigenous women with their communities in the national territory. Manuel Aljure, director (e) of Affairs for Indigenous Communities, ROM and Minorities, reiterated the government's willingness to give space to social dialogue, through the Commission. He also reiterated the commitment acquired with these communities which is evidenced in the implementation of the ethnic chapter of the National Development Plan, ‘Pact for Colombia, Pact for Equity’.

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