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Ministry of the Interior will develop a Women and Gender Work Plan with the NARP Communities

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Bogotá D.C.
25 Jul 2020

In order to incorporate a differential, ethnic and gender-based, executable, measurable approach that generates an impact on thousands of Afro-descendant women in the territory, the Ministry of the Interior will develop the Work Plan for Women and Gender called: FROM PARTICIPATION TO GUARANTEE OF RIGHTS.

"This plan seeks to leave installed capacity in the territory for the development of an inclusive State policy that recognizes and exalts the work of Afro-descendant women and their cultural and socioeconomic heritage," explained the Minister of the Interior, Alicia Arango Olmos, upon joining to the commemoration of the International Day of Women of African Descent.

The head of the political portfolio assured that "the initiative of the Ministry of the Interior represents an opportunity to advance in the incorporation of the differential, ethnic, territorial and gender approach, since it allows not only a direct relationship with NARP women in their territories, it also opens the door to carry out projects that will strengthen their organizations, as spaces for the empowerment of rural women.

Arango Olmos pointed out that “this new pilot project will involve a thousand women, including those who are part of the representative bodies of the Gender Commission of the High-Level Consultative Committee, Community Councils, Grassroots Organizations and women leaders local".

Currently, the Work Plan for Women and Gender is advancing in its first phase of presentation and agreement with the different instances, being well received by the community as it represents a viable and beneficial opportunity, applying the strategy of the power of the three E: Equity, Ethnodevelopment and Empowerment.

The resources for the execution of the Plan come from cross-cutting activities inherent to the Directorate of Black Afro-Colombian and Raizal Communities of the Ministry of the Interior, such as the strengthening of the Community Councils, the Gender Subcommittee, representative entities and all the policy of affirmative actions that have to do with the process of incorporation of NARP women.

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