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The Ministry of the Interior presented 'United We Are Stronger', a national strategy to strengthen the country's Fire Department. | Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of the Interior presented 'United We Are Stronger', a national strategy to strengthen the country's Fire Department.

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Bogotá D.C.
22 Oct 2020

During the First National Congress of Firefighters Colombia, the Minister of the Interior, Alicia Arango Olmos, presented the national strategy for the comprehensive strengthening of the country's firefighting institutions called "United We Are Stronger."

"One of our purposes is to make the operational and administrative service of the 831 official, aeronautical and voluntary bodies stronger and more efficient. I want to announce an increase in the budget of 30 billion pesos that will be used to continue strengthening the firefighters system in Colombia To this is added an educational process with specific themes that will allow them to continue providing their maximum performance to the entire community according to their vocation of service, social sensitivity, dedication and discipline. Additionally, mention the logistical strengthening that has been implemented, for For example, the provision of 42 vehicles, specialized equipment and biosecurity kits, ”said the head of the political portfolio.

Arango Olmos explained that the national strategy was born in the regions where the needs are known and will be executed by the National Fire Department and with the support, accompaniment and leadership of the Ministry of the Interior. "We work under the focus and articulation of the National Development Plan and the Sector's Strategic Plan, under the framework of the pact for legality-effective security and transparent justice- and pact for sustainability."

Likewise, Minister Arango Olmos highlighted the work of the men and women of the official, volunteer and aeronautical firefighters of Colombia in the midst of the pandemic generated by Covid 19 and their ability to work to attend all emergencies, noting that “their Their work has been tireless, they have been exposed to the dangers of which many of us fear and they have sacrificed to give us security and confidence. The message of the National Government goes much further, today we want to praise its work and reiterate the commitment to support the National Fire Department in the execution of a comprehensive strengthening strategy”.

“The Ministry of the Interior has had as a priority, accompanying the National Fire Department, in its purpose of increasing the annual investment budget, a task that has been successful, since it has been achieved in a joint effort with Congress, to increase The resources for strengthening the fire-fighting entities in the country are substantial, ”the Minister pointed out.

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