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Ministry of Interior presented first national report of the Comprehensive Public Policy of Religious Freedom

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Bogotá D.C.
04 Dec 2019

With the participation of 400 interreligious leaders of Colombia, the Vice Minister for Participation and Equal Rights (e), Ricardo Arias, and the Director of Religious Affairs, Lorena Ríos, presented the first National Report on the Public Policy of Religious Freedom and Target Cults National Development Plan 2018 - 2022 'Pact for Colombia, Pact for Equity'.

The Director of Religious Affairs, Lorena Ríos, announced the report of the first year of the implementation of this public policy that aims to strengthen the participation of the religious sector and its recognition as fundamental actors in the construction of social fabric.

“Today we want to show you the importance of strengthening inter-religious contexts that allow us to generate results and project them, because we are not alone, we are with great strategic allies in order to habituate and consolidate religious freedom in Colombia”, she said.

The Ministry of Interior also presented the results of the first pilot characterization of the religious sector in the department of Cundinamarca, in which 703 religious entities and faith organizations participated with the support and cooperation of the United Nations Development Program, UNDP.

In this link you can access the full characterization report of the religious sector in Cundinamarca.

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