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Ministry of Interior participated in the construction of the rights and duties booklet of the ‘barrista’

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Bucaramanga (Santander)
05 Sep 2019

Building a protocol of coexistence and a booklet of rights and duties of the ‘barrista’ that will be a guide to incentivize social ‘barrismo’ inside and outside the sports settings was the objective of the work tables, led by the members of the soccer ‘barras’, which are carried out in the 'First National Forum of Social Barrismo', in which the sub-directorate of Security and Citizen Coexistence of the Ministry of Interior participated. The support from the Government and the efforts made to create spaces for dialogue and strategies to promote football scenarios in peace were highlighted by the experts who participated in the forum. On the other hand, the representatives of the 17 ‘barras’ that make up the 'Aguante la Barra: contribute, live and encourage’ project of the Colombian professional football teams, announced the results of the inputs obtained at the tables that will be reflected in two pocket books. Lastly, the ‘barristas’ expressed their commitment to continue working on the construction of citizenship.

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