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Ministry of Interior led verification commission for indigenous situation in Puerto Carreño

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Puerto Carreño
03 Sep 2019

A delegation from the Government, led by the Ministry of Interior, recognized the problem of indigenous communities settled in the municipality of Puerto Carreño.

To that end, a day of verification and humanitarian health was carried out in Puerto Carreño, Sitio Sagrado, Piedra Custodio and Calarcá, where around 80 indigenous people are settled, with health and nutrition problems. Once the problem was known, government entities, municipal and departmental authorities created an inter-institutional panel, headed by the director of Human Rights of the Ministry of Interior, Ricardo Arias to jointly build a strategy that addresses the problem of the indigenous communities.

In this space, Arias reiterated the Government's commitment to indigenous communities, with the strengthening of departmental interlocution spaces and with the action plan, which will be presented by the mayor's office and reinforced by the actions of the entities that made part of the commission such as the National Family Welfare System, Ministries of Health, Labor, Education and Housing, Superintendence of Public Services, Social Prosperity and National Planning Department.

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