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The Ministry of the Interior has attended 9,200 requests from mayors and governors of the country during the health emergency by COVID19

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Bogotá D.C.
16 Jun 2020

The accompaniment of the Ministry of the Interior to the mayors and governors of the country during the attention of the health emergency by COVID19 has been constant, with the aim of deploying the necessary actions in the territory to safeguard the health and life of Colombians.

In this regard, Minister Alicia Arango Olmos stated that “the government of President Iván Duque has always been close to the mayors and governors of the country, even more during this health emergency for the prevention, control and mitigation of the pandemic by COVID19. From the Ministry we have responded to 9,200 requests as follows: 7,884 requests for revision of decrees sent by mayors and governors and 1,316 general inquiries made by institutions of the national and decentralized level, as well as civilians, through the email covid19@mininterior.gov.co ”.

Through the line enabled by the Ministry of the Interior, 13,800 calls from the leaders have been answered 24/7, to respond to their concerns about the regulations issued in a health emergency, public order; thus fulfilling its articulating role with state entities, allowing greater closeness with mayors and governors. 2,476 requests regarding COVID19 were also handled by the PQRSD platform between March 18 and June 11 and by the SIGOB 1,541 platform.

“We have made decisions and coordinated precise actions with the mayors and governors of the country so that Colombians in their territories can best face this pandemic. Articulated work has allowed us to safeguard health and life with preventive isolation, provide assistance, bring emergency humanitarian aid, maintain public order and gradually reactivate the economy in various areas, "said Minister Arango Olmos.

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