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Minister of the Interior reiterated the Government's respect for social protest

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Bogotá D.C.
29 Oct 2019

“The government of President Duque has three pillars: legality, entrepreneurship and equity. A legality that seeks a society that has order, respect for the rules, for the Constitution and the law, for the authorities, for there to be justice, so that those levels of impunity are lowered, hopefully, to zero, and we can say that we are a society really respectful of human rights, because when there is legality, within the framework of our own Constitution, which is a Social State of Law, we get respect for human rights and that is the north of all State entities, of all the authorities, ”said the Minister of the Interior, in the Sixth Committee of the House of Representatives, in the debate on political control over advances in higher education, social protest and the actions of the police with ESMAD.

The Minister reiterated that, in Colombia, the Government respects the social protest and said that although “it has been said that this is a National Government that runs over students, I have to be emphatic and respond that they are wrong in that statement, that is not true. This is a government that, at the head of the Minister of Education and the Vice Minister, has generated a strategy of permanent dialogue with the students”.

Faced with the events that occurred in the Icetex, she warned: “It is one thing to have discussions with the National Government about the policies or the way the Icetex works, but a very different thing than a people who hide in a mask, whatever , to hit violently as we also saw in the news, the doors, the windows of an institution, get to burn it without taking into account that within a building there are human beings, public officials, users of Icetex, but it is because of the Esmad's performance, because we would definitely have ended up, perhaps, in a massacre caused by the violent ”.

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