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Minister of the Interior asked the CRIC not to block the Panamericana Highway

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Popayán (Cauca)
06 Dec 2019

“Do not block the Pan-American Highway anymore. The southwest of Colombia needs to live and grow. People need a normal life, merchants, entrepreneurs, common people need coexistence. That is the call we make”, said the Minister of the Interior, after delivering 29 vehicles to the Police Department of Cauca, with the purpose of strengthening the security conditions in the department of Cauca and to attend in a special way to the objectives of the Plan of Timely Action.

“It is an investment of more than $ 3,137 million, within the program of the Timely Attention Plan, PAO, for the protection of leading social leaders, community action, human rights defenders and journalists. This has allowed us to approach the population throughout the country. It has been the great concern of President Iván Duque, how to guarantee the safety and protection of leaders and obviously of the entire population” she said.

The Minister recalled that she has made more than 30 visits with the PAO “and the first thing that people, community and social leaders have asked for is to strengthen our National Police. They ask for police men and instruments so they can move around. Therefore, the acquisition of this important automotive park for the department of Cauca”. She reiterated that Cauca is a priority for the government of President Duque, for the country and for all Colombians: “we know the historical cultural importance that the department of Cauca has and that is why we are here accompanying them saying they are not alone, our leaders are not alone, they are accompanied by the authorities and it is our constitutional and legal obligation to provide them with security.”

She also thanked the National Police for guaranteeing public order and security. The vehicles will benefit the safety of the 21 municipalities of the department of Cauca, among which are Caldono, Caloto, Corinto, El Tambo, Cajibío, Morales, López de Micay, Guachené, Miranda, Guapi, La Sierra, Mercaderes, Patía, Rosas , Santander de Quilichao, Suárez, Timbío, Almaguer, Buenos Aires, Puracé and its capital, Popayán.

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