MinInterior reminds the local authorities that procedures for infrastructure projects through FONSECON are free

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Bogotá D.C.
14 Jul 2017

The Ministry of the Interior reminds the Territorial and/or Governmental Entities and citizens in general that the procedures for the formulation of infrastructure projects before the Fund for Security and Citizen Coexistence (FONSECON), are totally free and can be done without intermediaries or Processors.

The only authorized’ people to provide information on projects financed through FONSECON are the General Secretary and the Deputy Director of Infrastructure, who personally attend, in the Ministry's facilities, the only ones authorized to receive information on the aforementioned projects, are the legal representatives of the Territorial and/or Governmental Entities and officials of said entities duly identified.

On the website of the Ministry,, is published the instructions for the virtual filing of projects through the SIPI platform, only authorized means for the formulation of the same, procedure that is totally free. 

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