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MinInterior issued new sanitary and public order measures for the Atlántico department

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Bogotá D.C.
25 Jun 2020

Responding to a request from the Governor of the Atlantic, Elsa Noguera, the Ministry of the Interior in coordination with the Ministry of Health, issued new sanitary and public order measures for the department.

The Minister of the Interior, Alicia Arango Olmos, explained that through external circular 71 of 2020, and "responding to the request of the Governor of the Atlantic, who stated in a document dated June 21, 2020, that:" the situation of the department continues to be critical precisely for the social indiscipline of our people and for this, it is necessary to maintain mandatory preventive isolation for fifteen (15) days - until July 6 - with some additional measures, ”which were endorsed and added by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, thus: "

1. Peak and ID with two digits for mobilization. This measure is effective whenever the population is organized and goes out only once a week to the strictly necessary excepted activities.

2. Curfew on weekends and at night on weekdays, establishing exceptions that are strictly necessary.

3. Temporary restriction on the sale and consumption of liquor (Only enable consumption and sale from Monday to Friday between 5:00 am and 8:00 am). It has been observed that since the sale is allowed 24 hours, the population supplies itself to organize private meetings and under the state of alcohol, they lose control of their behavior and increase the risk of contagion. 

4. Limitation on the use of a motorcycle grill due to the high possibility of contagion. Today more than 40% of motorcycle taxi drivers have been positive with the screening tests carried out and continue to carry out this activity.

5. Restrict the movement of motor vehicle-type vehicles and bike-cars because they do not comply with the distance measures since more than two people climb on the rear.

6. Special limitation for the Atlantic regarding the next days without VAT established for the dates 3 and 19 July 2020, the acquisition of goods is allowed only by electronic means.

7. Temporary closure of trade activities, with the exception of providers of medicines, pharmaceuticals, supplies, cleaning products, disinfection and personal hygiene for homes and hospitals, equipment and devices for health technologies.

8. Restrict the face-to-face marketing in department stores of goods other than drugs, pharmaceuticals, supplies, cleaning products, disinfection and personal hygiene.

In addition to the measures mentioned above and others that the Atlantic local authorities implement, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection recommends:

1. Temporarily suspend any initiative to open other sectors.

2. Intensify campaigns that promote social responsibility and discipline of the population in the practice of self-care measures, effective physical distancing, hand washing and the use of permanent face masks.

3. Articulate the actions of the pandemic mitigation plan for the department and district with the entities that administer the benefit plans, encompassing not only the expansion of institutional capacities to deal with cases, but also the surveillance and control processes. sanitary.

4. Intensify public health surveillance actions in the supply center and market squares, commercial establishments and port areas, epidemiological fences in critical neighborhoods, the increase in the supply of diagnostic tests, and other mitigation measures with the provision of markets and aid for the most vulnerable population in confinement. 

5. Promote the wide use of the Coronapp application, integrated into the monitoring strategy, by employees and the general population.

6. Extend a call and develop an extensive communication strategy to the population of the Atlántico department, especially the city of Barranquilla, on the urgent need to meet the rules of non-agglomeration, responsible social distancing and self-care.

Regarding the exceptions to circulation, the head of the portfolio explained that those established in article 3 of Decree 749 of 2020 are maintained, in addition to those provided in article 3 of Decree 636 of 2020, extended by Decree 689 of 2020.

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