MinInterior inaugurated a Municipal Administrative Center and a Citizen Integration Centrer in Cauca

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David Oliveros
05 Aug 2017
  • Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, was at the municipalities of Timbiquí and El Tambo inaugurating these works that are part of the program "Live Safe, Live in Peace"

"These investments are due to the efforts of President Santos to bring peace to Colombia”, said Interior Minister Guillermo Rivera, delivering the first Municipal Administrative Centre in Timbiquí.

The minister promised to continue supporting "projects and investments" to strengthen the Police and continue to deliver these spaces of post-conflict, the community and people such as these Citizen Integration Centres, CICs.

In El Tambo, the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera inaugurated the Citizen Integration Centres, CIC, and made a recognition to the ex-minister Juan Fernando Cristo for obtaining the approval of this work.

Rivera announced the visit of President Juan Manuel Santos “because this municipality represents what the government means to sign the peace agreement”.

The chief of the political portfolio stated that "these kinds of works, which rebuild the social fabric, are due to Santos' efforts to achieve peace because the resources of this Fund were used to strengthen the Police in its mission to combat the guerrilla".

He reiterated the Government's commitment to the eradication of illicit crops and asked the inhabitants of El Tambo to give impetus to this governmental initiative for that purpose. “We want to strengthen the institutional presence”, concluded the minister.

The Citizen Integration Centre of El Tambo, which is located in the sports centre Rivera Escobar municipality, had an investment of 835 million COPs of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Municipal Administrative Centre of Timbiquí is located in the neighbourhood la Cabecera, on the main road and had a total investment of 2.783 billion COPs, of which the Ministry of the Interior contributed 2.366 billion COPs and 417 million were contributed by the municipality.

The investment of the Government of the president of Juan Manuel Santos from August 2010 to the same month of 2017 has been 45 thousand 824 million COPs, with an investment of the Ministry of the Interior of 41 thousand 570 million COPs. For its part, the territorial entity invested 4 thousand 254 million COPs.

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