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The Interior Minister reiterated her rejection of violence during the strike

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Bogotá D.C.
26 Nov 2019

“We must reject violence. Every day of unemployment means a very large economic loss and welfare for working people”, said Interior Minister Nancy Patricia Gutierrez, in commemoration of the ‘National Day of Private Security and Surveillance’.

“One thing is social protest. Many people have the desire to take to the streets to ask the National Government or local governments for greater investments in sectors or in areas that will improve people's living conditions. It is valid, it is a right, the Constitution allows it, but what is not a right is to attempt against other people, nor to harm public property or private property. It is not a right to attack the Public Force”, she said.

She told to more than 4,000 security guards across the country, attending the event, that it is “important that SENA provide comprehensive and technical training to private security and surveillance guards, because it will give them more alternatives for the moment of their retirement: to handle the technology, to generate an advice to another company or to help his children to advance in the formation, technical and technological”.

The Minister called on citizens to continue working: “in the midst of all the difficulties, Colombia is growing above Latin America. If we remain in permanent unemployment, we will damage this economic growth. ”

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