First Commissions approve project that allows adopting program of protection to reincorporated of the FARC

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Alejandra Parra
Bogotá D.C.
15 Jun 2017
  • The Minister of Interior, Guillermo Rivera, Clarified that those reincorporated of  FARC who surpass the tests, will belong to "security schemes, jointly, with the National Police"

The joint committees of the House and Senate approved a draft Organic Law whose purpose is to provide comprehensive protection to the members of the new political party or movement that arises as a result of the FARC's transition to legality, as well as members of this guerrilla to re-join civil life and their families.

Interior Minister Guillermo Rivera said that with the approval of this project, “a commitment is being made to the Peace Agreement”, which is to allow FARC reincorporated “to be trained as escorts, to be part of the plant Of the National Protection Unit, UNP, and provide security services to ex-FARC guerrillas”.

Rivera explained that these schemes will be “combined with members of the National Police”. At present, according to the minister, 315 reincorporated guerrillas are in the process of training to be credited as escorts.

“The protection of those who re-join civilian life is an absolutely essential issue for the construction of a stable and lasting peace”, said the initiative.

To achieve this objective, this initiative allows the UNP to expand its staffing plan, only in the current fiscal period, in order to comply with what is stated in section of the Teatro Colón Agreement.

After being approved by first commissions, this project go over to plenary of Senate and Camera, respectively.

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