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Cali (Valle del Cauca)
12 Oct 2020

1. The National Government has been present in the Minga with seven ministers, the National Planning Department, five vice ministers, directors of the ANT, UNP and UNGRD, the High Commissioner for Peace, the Counselor for Stabilization, the Army Commander and the Director of the National Police and the Commander of the Cali Police.

2. It is the will of the National Government to attend and listen to the concerns of the Indigenous Minga.

3. We regret that the CRIC advisers did not come. We were able to chat with their delegates.

4. The advances of the National Government in the fulfillment of the agreements are reiterated and recognized by indigenous authorities.

5. It is very important that Colombia know that this Minga is not a vindictive Minga, it is a political Minga, because the Government has made great efforts to comply with what was agreed during this previous government and government that had not been fulfilled.

6. We continue to seek to establish work routes to address Minga's political concerns.

7. As the National Government, we express our concerns about the risks to which we are exposed by those who participate in agglomerations and the importance of compliance with biosafety protocols.

8. The pandemic continues to be a reality in the country. Today with the presence of the Minister of Health, they were explained the risks involved in being in crowds and moving from one city to another.

9. We are ready to continue with the dialogue with the CRIC.


10. The National Government has the doors open to sit down and talk with them.

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