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"The commitment today is to wire 10 million pesos for the Atlantic, in order to deliver 120 million food aid to the Atlantic": Daniel Palacios

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Bogotá D.C.
17 Jun 2020

Jun 17, 2020

The Vice Minister of the Interior, Daniel Palacios, arrived today at the city of Barranquilla, with the aim of being part of the technical table ‘Atlántico Unido´, led by Governor Elsa Noguera. The meeting was attended by senators and representatives of the department, members of the National Government and mayors of Barranquilla and the metropolitan area to analyze the emergency generated by COVID - 19.

During the meeting, Palacios confirmed the investment of 10 thousand million pesos for the delivery of 120 thousand food aid aimed at families in the Atlantic: "We have made arrangements with the Interior Minister, Alicia Arango, who was at the forefront of this commitment together with the Ministry of Finance. "

"We are going to make a 10 thousand million pesos transfer through the Risk Management Unit for the Atlantic Governance and the mayors of the metropolitan area, so that they can acquire these humanitarian aid. We will be doing this in the course of this week and we hope to speed it up soon so that these resources can soon become markets for Atlantis ", he pointed out.

The meeting was also attended by the Vice Minister of Health, Luis Moscoso; the Deputy Minister of Defense, Jairo García; Major General Jorge Luis Vargas, director of citizen security for the National Police; the Atlantic bench, moderated by the senator, Armando Benedetti and the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz and the national superintendent of Health, Fabio Aristizábal, participated virtually.

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