César Cabezas y Yomaira Garces, elected as a national representatives to the Board of the Afro-Colombian Educational Credits Fund

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David Oliveros
Bogotá D.C.
15 Jun 2017

César Cabezas, from Valle del Cauca, and Yomaira Garcés, from Córdoba, were elected as a national representatives and alternate, respectively, of the students before the Board of Directors of the Fund for Educational Credits for Black Communities, FECECN, who will guarantee the fulfilment of the objectives of this program that facilitates the access and permanence of Afro-Colombian youth to higher education and equal opportunities in relation to the rest of Colombian society.

“The Colombian State has a responsibility to the ethnic minorities who have been historically excluded; that is why it is so important to work with these representatives in the productive empowerment of young people and in the construction of public policies for access to higher education for Afro-Colombians”, said Luis Ernesto Gomez, vice minister of Interior.

César Augusto Cabezas from Buenaventura, is a student in the degree in Social Sciences and History of the Universidad del Valle. He has been working in the social processes of his communities for twenty years, and as a national representative he seeks “that this public education policy reach the most distant Afro territories in the country and work to meet the expectations of quotas and financing by the Government”.

Likewise, unanimously, the deputy representative, Yomaira Garcés, a student of Psychology at the Universidad Luis Amigo de Montería, was chosen, who indicated that her work, “will be aimed at supporting and managing higher quotas so that our population has greater opportunities for access to higher education”.

As part of this election, it was also agreed to hold a meeting next week with the vice Minister of the Interior Luis Ernesto Gómez and vice Minister of the Education, Natalia Ruíz Rodgers, to address, among other points, the regulatory decree and the financing of the FECECN ; Among other points.






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