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Atypical elections will be held on August 30 in four municipalities of the country

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Bogotá D.C.
24 Jul 2020

• The date was set within the framework of a meeting with the Ministry of the Interior, the Governors and other authorities of the departmental order.

Under the strictest biosecurity protocols, the inhabitants of Sutatausa, Cundinamarca; San Zenón, Magdalena; Achí, Bolívar and Providencia, Nariño, will be able to go to the polls to elect mayor and council, respectively, on August 30.

The definition of the date was arranged after a series of meetings between the Ministry of the Interior, the National Registry of Civil Status, the Governors of Magdalena, Nariño, Bolívar and Cundinamarca and other representatives of the departmental administrations.

The Interior Minister, Alicia Arango Olmos, highlighted the institutional cooperation that facilitated the confirmation of the elections: “We applaud the agreement on the date for these atypical elections. As a National Government, we are ready to support the elections by accepting the biosecurity measures that were approved for this process.”

For his part, the National Registrar of Civil Status, Alexander Vega Rocha, gave a piece of reassurance in the logistical organization of the elections and stated: "As a registrar, I assure you that we will make the atypical elections in the best way, surrounded by institutionality.

This process will be an example for what is coming next year, given that we already have everything ready, thanks to the biosafety protocols that are approved by the Ministry of Health. From us there is all the commitment to carry out the logistics to choose these local authorities”.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection, through Resolution 958 of June 16, 2020, through which the biosafety protocol for the management and control of the risk of the coronavirus COVID-19 is adopted in the processes carried out by the National Registry of Civil Status, approved the biosafety protocol presented by the entity for the organization of electoral processes.

In the document, to avoid the spread of COVID-19, the National Registry of Civil Status proposes the provision of biosafety elements, social distancing, permanent handwashing, disinfection of voting stations and tables, among other measures.

After the protocol was approved and the date of the elections defined, on August 30 the inhabitants of Sutatausa will be able to elect the municipal mayor; the citizens of Achí, Bolívar and Providencia, Nariño, will be called to the polls to vote for the Municipal Council, and those of San Zenón, Magdalena, will elect the mayor and the Council.

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