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Anti-corruption project to presidential sanction

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Bogotá D.C.
16 Oct 2019

With 58 votes in favor and 10 against, the project that seeks to partially modify Law 5 of 1992 was approved in relation to the conflicts of interest of the congressmen.

This initiative had an urgent message and was part of the package of projects agreed upon after the Anti-Corruption Consultation.

“It is a project that gives transparency, publicity and information to citizens about the conflicts of interest of congressmen. It is a norm that comes from the Technical Anti-Corruption Board, convened by the president, Iván Duque, and led by Minister Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez and today culminates his legislative process”, said Vice Minister of Political Relations, Francisco José Chaux.

The project seeks to register, in a public way and in a digital list, the economic interests of the congressmen, as well as their relatives and spouses.

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