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Anti-corruption project approved in the House of Representatives

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David Oliveros
Bogotá D.C.
25 Nov 2019

With 131 votes in favor, in the plenary of the House of Representatives, the anti-corruption bill that requires the publication of the declaration of income to state servants or to those who contract with him was approved. “It is a mechanism of transparency, since citizens can access to know the declaration of income of all public servants”, explained the Minister. The purpose of this anti-corruption initiative is to comply with the principles of transparency, as well as the promotion of participation and social control, through the publication and dissemination of this declaration. Once this project is approved, it will be applied to public servants of popular choice, magistrates of the high courts, courts, CNE and the JEP, General Prosecutor of the Nation, Attorney General of the Nation, General Auditor, Ombudsman, Comptroller General of the Republic, National Registrar of Civil Status and Office ministers, among others. After the approval of this project in the last debate in the Chamber, which is part of the package of initiatives agreed at the anti-corruption technical table with origin in the National and multiparty Government, it goes to conciliation with the Senate.

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