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Bogotá D.C., 24 Jan 2018
  • The miniter of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, held a meeting with magistrates of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, JEP, to begin work, jointly, on the initiative that will allow its full operation.
Cauca, 05 Aug 2017
  • Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, was at the municipalities of Timbiquí and El Tambo inaugurating these works that are part of the program "Live Safe, Live in Peace"
Bogotá D.C., 02 Aug 2017
  • This was the call made by Minister Guillermo Rivera at the public hearing held in the Constitutional Court on the Amnesty Law.
Bogotá D.C., 26 Jul 2017
  • This was stated by the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, after the approval, in the third debate, in First Committee of the House, of the legislative act that ensures the monopoly of force and the use of arms by the State.
Bogotá D.C., 25 Jul 2017

The Black, Afro-Colombian, Raizales and Palenqueras Affairs Department joins the celebration of the International Day of Afro-Latin women, Afro-Caribbean and Diaspora Women, instituted in the First Meeting of Afro-Latin and Afro-Caribbean Women held in 1992.

Bogotá D.C., 24 Jul 2017

The Ministry of the Interior, through the Directorate for Democracy, Citizen Participation and Community Action will travel this weekend to the municipalities of Puerto Carreño, Vichada and Sitio Nuevo, Magdalena to follow up the processes of revocation of mandate.

Bogotá D.C., 17 Jul 2017
  • “Records of violence in the country make integral plans necessary to attack insecurity phenomena”, said Héctor Olimpo Espinosa.
  • “The public policy of Security and Coexistence cannot be limited to counteract consequences, but to attack the causes”, Stressed the high official.
Bogotá D.C., 19 Jul 2017

The call for the election of the representative of "other churches and religious denominations" is open to the National Council of Reconciliation and Coexistence, as established in Decree Law 885 of 2017.

According to article 3 of Decree 352 of 1998, applicants must meet the following conditions:

Bogotá D.C., 14 Jul 2017

The Ministry of the Interior reminds the Territorial and/or Governmental Entities and citizens in general that the procedures for the formulation of infrastructure projects before the Fund for Security and Citizen Coexistence (FONSECON), are totally free and can be done without intermediaries or Processors.

Bogotá D.C., 01 Aug 2017
  • In the General Secretariat of the Senate, the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, accompanied by the ministers of Justice and Defence, Enrique Gil and Luis Carlos Villegas, filed the most important project of this legislature that is this law that regulates what was approved in the act Legislative Assembly of the Special