Guillermo RIivera Florez - Minister of Interior

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Was Born in Mocoa in 1970, he studied Rights in the University Externado de Colombia, he is specialized in Administrative Rights and Magister in Contemporaneous Political, economics and international Problems Analyses, of the Institutes of Higher Studies for Development, Thanks to an agreement between the governments of France and Colombia, through the Diplomatic Academy of San Carlos, with the academic coordination of the Institute of Latin American Studies of the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 (IHEAL) and the University Externado de Colombia.

Was elected as a House Representative by department of Putumayo during three consecutive periods (2002-2006, 2006-2010, and 2010-2014). From 2007, with the Minister of Interior, Juan Fernando Cristo, Began construction today in force, Law of Victims and Land restitution (Law 1448 of 2011), regulatory framework of the Colombian State has been instrumental in the recognition of the victims of the Colombian armed conflict, restoring the rights of millions of them and key piece of the process for the end of conflict drive by the President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos Calderon.

He was also author of Act 1408 of 2010 which aims to pay tribute to the victims of the crime of enforced disappearance, adopt measures for its location and full identification, created the bank of genetic profiles of missing people and providing assistance to the families of them during the delivery process of the bodies or remains exhumed.

In 1998 he was Secretary of Government in the Governorate of Putumayo and his management was characterized by the defence of human rights and the application of the rules of international humanitarian law, for respect of the rights of civilians in the conflict. Four years later, in the elections of 2002, he begins his career as a legislator in the Congress of Republic.

He has served as professor at the Externado of Colombia University and the National University of Colombia and he has been a frequent guest of forums, seminars and university boards, think tanks and public and private institutions.