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Planning Advisory Office | Ministry of Interior

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Planning Advisory Office

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The Planning Advisory Office is a strategic dependency of the Minister’s office, which duties include formulating, strengthening, coordinating and assessing the implementation of sectorial policy and the plans of the Ministry and its ascribed entities.

It supports the dependencies in the definition of strategic, indicative and action plans pertaining to the compliance of goals; it promotes, advises, trains, tracks and evaluates the application of instruments and methodologies to submit projects to the National Investment Programs and Projects Bank and to the Investment Project Tracking System; it also coordinates the sectorial development plan with the sector dependencies and entities, subject to the National Development Plan.

It proposes the policy, objectives, strategy, plans and projects for quality process sustenance and improvement; advises on processes, procedures and filings to include quality requirements for improve institutional management; manages the Unique Information System; likewise, it proposes continuous improvement under theframework for Public Quality Management, NTCGP 1000:2004, to ensure the exercise and sustainability of the Institutional Management Integrated System.

The following are the duties of the Planning Advisory Office:

  1. To design and coordinate the planning process of the Administrative Sector of the Interior regarding technical, economic and administrative matters.
  2. To elaborate the Sector Development Plan in coordination with the Ministry dependencies and the Sector entities, subject to the National Development Plan, the strategic and action plans, the Yearly and Multi-annual Operational Plan, the Sectorial and Institutional Administrative Development Plans and to submit them for the Minister’s approval.
  3. To monitor the budget execution of plans, programs and projects of the Ministry of the Interior and its Administrative Sector.
  4. To verify compliance of plans, programs and projects of the Ministry and the sector entities, and to prepare tracking reports and adjustment proposals thereof.
  5. To develop and validate the management, product and impact indicators of the sector and to do follow-up through the systems established for such purpose.
  6. To elaborate, consolidate and present the budget draft, as well as the multiyear budget schedule of the Ministry and the entities of the Interior Administrative Sector and to submit them for Minister’s approval.
  7. To support the Ministry of the Interior and its Administrative Division’s dependencies in the elaboration of investment projects and their feasibility, notwithstanding their funding source.
  8. To track the Ministry’s and the Sector Entities' budget execution before the State Planning Department and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and to make the budget modifications possible.
  9. To prepare, consolidate and submit the reports required by State agencies and other external agents.
  10. To plan, keep and track the Ministry of the Interior’s process and procedure management.
  11. To guide and coordinate the implementation and development of the Institutional Management Integrated System.
  12. To prepare the economic and financial studies, proposals and investigations to improve service quality.
  13. To support the strategic and operational management of the Ministry dependencies and the funds thereof.
  14. To recommend modifications to the organizational structure of the Ministry and the Entities of the Interior Administrative Sector, which may require modernization.
  15. To attend the requests and enquiries regarding its matters of competence.
  16. Any other responsabilities assigned, which may correspond to the nature of the dependency.

Head of the Planning Advisory Office:

Andrés Mauricio Jiménez Pava

Extension 2916