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Vice-minister of Participation and Equal Rights Juan Carlos Soler Peñuela

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Duties of the Viceministry’s Office of Participation and Equal Rights.

  • To support and assist the Ministry in the design, analysis, promotion and tracking of legislative acts drafts and laws with the National Congress, mainly in its matters of competence.
  • To lead the formulation, adoption and monitoring of the Ministry’s public policies, specifically those related to political issues, fundamental rights and liberties, citizen participation, ethnic affairs, LGBTI population affairs, vulnerable population affairs, and the coordination of the entity’s mission management control.
  • To permanently assess and comply with the execution of the international commitments regarding Human rights and International Humanitarian Right.
  • To support the elaboration of the strategic planning of the Administrative Sector in its matters of competence.
  • To assist the Minister as a liason, communication and coordination between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, in its matters of competence, notwithstanding the functions of the Vice-minister of Political Relations.
  • To coordinate and track the activities of the Ministry’s directorate offices ascribed thereto, to guarantee full compliance of its functions and the Ministry’s plans, programs and projects.
  • To support the administration of the Fund for the Participation and the Strengthening of the Democracy, in furtherance of its legal provisions.
  • To support the development and maintenance of the Institutional Management Integrated System and the compliance with its recommendations within its scope of competence.
  • To guide the attainment of the supplementary resources to manage its programs, and those of its mission areas.
  • To attend the requests and enquiries regarding its matters of competence.
  • Any other responsabilities assigned which may pertain to the nature of the office.