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      Viceministro Luis Ernesto Gómez Londoño            Viceministro Luis Ernesto Gómez Londoño

Vice-Minister of Political Affairs

Lawyer and he is specialized in administrative right and public management and fiscal control from the University of Rosario. He is doing a master of government and public politics in the University of Externado.

He is from since. Sucre, where he was mayor in 2008. Thanks to the project. "Since digital", as a model of implementation of TICS, he received the recognized from the observatory of the Colombian’s Caribbean and the Colombian federation of municipalities.

 He was adviser of the Sucre’s governing and urban development institute (IDU). And he was lawyer of the consortium of private national channels that are conformed RCN televition and Caracol televition.

Before his designation as a viceminister of interior Héctor Olimpo Espinosa Oliver was at the general secretary of the liberal party.  Position where he was from 2012.



Vice-Minister for Participation and Equal Rights

Luis Ernesto Gómez Londoño, was born in Medellin, Antioquia. He is economist and political scientist from Humboldt University of Berlin with Masters in Politic science from the same university and public administration of London School of Economics.

The new vice minister Served as Deputy Minister of Employment and Pensions, from where he promoted the program 40 thousand first jobs and the Law Pro young (law 1780) that eliminated the requirement of the military book to work and create tax and financial incentives for entrepreneurship and youth employability. He was the Director General of the Public Employment Service, a position that came from its creation in 2013, after being part of the team that promoted the legislative process and its implementation.

Gómez also was the Office of Planning Adviser to the Ministry of Labour between 2012 and 2013, where he coordinated and oriented the process of planning of Administrative Sector of Work, Defining its lines of investment, in addition to the annual pension budgets of the country.