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      Viceministro Luis Ernesto Gómez Londoño                  

Vice-Minister of Political Affairs

Lawyer and he is specialized in administrative right and public management and fiscal control from the University of Rosario. He is doing a master of government and public politics in the University of Externado.

He is from since. Sucre, where he was mayor in 2008. Thanks to the project. "Since digital", as a model of implementation of TICS, he received the recognized from the observatory of the Colombian’s Caribbean and the Colombian federation of municipalities.

 He was adviser of the Sucre’s governing and urban development institute (IDU). And he was lawyer of the consortium of private national channels that are conformed RCN televition and Caracol televition.

Before his designation as a viceminister of interior Héctor Olimpo Espinosa Oliver was at the general secretary of the liberal party.  Position where he was from 2012.














Vice-Minister for Participation and Equal Rights

Eduardo Andrés Garzón Torres was born in Bogotá in 1980. He is a Political Scientist with a Specialization in Public Opinion and Political Marketing from the Universidad Javeriana. He also specialized in Journalism at the University of Los Andes.

In 2016, he arrives at the Ministry of the Interior as an Advisor to the Minister's Office. Coordinated the 'Peace in Action' strategy, through which the Ministry made an integral intervention in 39 municipalities affected by the armed conflict, working to strengthen the State's presence in those territories and with the objective of rebuilding the social and human fabric destroyed by the war. He also worked as an advisor on issues of social conflict and citizen participation.

In April 2017 he was appointed Director for Democracy, Citizen Participation and Community Action of the Ministry of the Interior. As Director he led the National Council for Citizen Participation, he worked for the political and civic participation of Youth and Women. Worked hand in hand with the Community Action Boards to increase their capacity to influence the territory and promoted social control and citizen oversight from different scenarios. Likewise, the Management Group on Disability was created under its Directorate in order to increase the guarantee of rights for people with disabilities and to assume the leadership of the National Disability System within the Ministry of the Interior.

He was in charge of the institutional coordination, at national and local level, of the different electoral processes carried out in the national territory throughout 2017, such as Popular Consultations, Mandatory Revocation and Atypical Elections of Mayors. In 2018 he worked, from the technical secretariat of the National Commission of Electoral Follow-up, in the articulation of all the entities responsible for the electoral process to ensure the proper conduct of the elections to the Congress of the Republic.