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  • Bogotá D.C., 13 Feb 2018 In the Council of Ministers, led by President Juan Manuel Santos and attended by the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, the situation of public order in the country was evaluated, topics of the Binational Cabinet with Ecuador and peru were analyzed, and investment reports on royalties and legal defense of the Nation were socialized.
  • Bogotá D.C., 13 Feb 2018 As a starting point for the campaign that the National Government will begin to combat abstention, the Vice Minister of the Interior, Luis Ernesto Gómez, traveled 897 kilometers between Bogotá and Turbo, Antioquia, to talk with more than 300 young people from 20 municipalities and make a diagnosis of this problem. During the tour, he found a great lack of interest in getting information and knowing the proposals of the candidates, especially the Congress because they do not know the functions of the Senators and Representatives in the House and "what is the use of electing them".
  • Bogotá D.C., 12 Feb 2018 We invite you to know the work of the Ministry of the Interior through tje edittion # 68 of the Interior Country Weekly. Find out!
  • Bogotá D. C., 12 Feb 2018 The Ministry of the Interior joins the commemoration of the World Day against the Recruitment of Children and Adolescents, remembering that they should not participate in any armed conflict.
  • Bogotá D.C., 09 Feb 2018 "The national government has offered full guarantees to the new political party “FARC” party and to all the political forces that have registered candidates and are participating in this electoral contest. Unfortunately, in some cities people have tried to attack the candidates of the Farc party, but when has happened the National have reacted immediately”, said Interior Minister Guillermo Rivera, in a statement to the media.
  • Cúcuta, 08 Feb 2018 The Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, accompanied President Juan Manuel Santos to Cúcuta, where he met with other cabinet members, local authorities and unions, among others, in order to monitor the situation of the Venezuelan migrants and adopt the necessary measures to face it.
  • Cúcuta, 06 Feb 2018 “Hopefully, a greater number of Colombians can go to the polls with greater freedom and that is why we exercise to travel the national geography”, said the Minister of the interior, Guillermo Rivera,
  • Cúcuta, 06 Feb 2018 After visiting the bunker of the Prosecutor's Office in Cúcuta, the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, stressed that “the work is well advanced; the entire Prosecutor's Office will be able to operate in a model building for the country”.
Bogotá D.C., 07 Feb 2018

·       As a result of the aggressions of the citizens to the members of the Farc party, the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, invited all the political forces to reject any type of violence against a candidate.   

Bogotá D.C., 05 Feb 2018

The Ministry of the Interior and the National Fire Department of Colombia praised today, with the "Cruz de San Miguel" medal to Timothy Callaghan, Regional Director of the Office of Assistance for Disasters Abroad USAID / OFDA, in charge of mitigating vulnerability before natural disasters.

Popayán (Cauca), 02 Feb 2018

Interior Minister Guillermo Rivera heard social leaders and human rights defenders in the Cauca department on different stages and announced a measure to guarantee their well-being.

Bogotá D.C., 30 Jan 2018

·       The Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, stated that, in the Single Window of the Ministry of the Interior, it was reported that the candidates for the Senate, Ernesto Daza (Cambio Radical) and Alejandro Herrera (opción ciudadana) are disqualified and registered for elections to the Congress of March 11.

Bogotá D.C., 24 Jan 2018
  • The miniter of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, held a meeting with magistrates of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, JEP, to begin work, jointly, on the initiative that will allow its full operation.
Bogotá D.C., 22 Jan 2018
  • After the presentation by President Juan Manuel Santos of the "National Electoral Guarantee Plan", Minister Guillermo Rivera said that the Government will work to make these "the elections in which the greatest number of Colombians vote".


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